Soul Woman | Values
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I believe beauty is found in:


Let’s be real. Nobody looks like Jennifer Lawrence. Not even Jennifer Lawrence! Photoshop has wreaked havoc on most of the images we see in advertising and magazines, but I don’t believe in censoring real beauty. I genuinely believe imperfections are beautiful. Quite often, our scars tell a story, our stretch marks are a sign of being stretched with new life, and our expression lines give away the years we have spent laughing.


The world needs our individuality. Women are not beautiful for successfully cloning their outer appearance to look like somebody else. They are beautiful for their difference, the unique thing that they alone can contribute to the world. Beauty is not a competition or a standard reserved for the few. It is something we all have and the more we recognise our own individual strength, the better able we are to express that beauty.


It all starts with freedom. We need to have freedom to move, to relax, to be ourselves. I want to give you permission to enjoy yourself for a moment. Let’s play! Lets experiment, have fun, make mistakes and express ourselves. Grown women are not given many opportunities these days for playing, with abandon, but I suspect that’s when we look our most radiantly beautiful!